Our Company

The Optimus Group, LLC focuses on Financial Coaching, rather than traditional financial planning. What’s the difference? Think of being the coach of a football or basketball team. You have an important game and you must design some specific plays to give you the best chance to win the game. You know situations and circumstances change in the course of the game, and you need to know when certain plays will be more effective. Throughout the game, you consult your game plan with a list of plays you’ve designed for the exact situation you are facing. You are confident because you’ve already designed a play for each situation and now it’s just a matter of properly executing the play.

Our Approach

We feel your financial game plan is no different. But how many plays do you know how to run now? What is your strategy if there’s another catastrophic market failure? What is your plan for paying off credit card debt or college loans with interest rates that are higher than what you’ve earned in your savings or 401(k) accounts? What is your plan for making sure you are in a position to handle the loss of your job through a layoff or a disability? How will you buy your next car? How will you fund your child’s college education? The list goes on and on.

While we tend to view these situations as they arise, a financial game plan will help you to know in advance how you will handle each and every one of these situations. Many messages in the financial world are built around not having enough for the future – your retirement, for example. But, what about NOW? Are you having any fun or is it all just a list of worries? Getting you to worry about the future without thinking about today is BIG business. Our belief is you’re living your life now, not in the future. Our guess is you want to enjoy it now and still have a strategy to get you to a comfortable retirement. How often do you hear a financial advisor talk about today and not just tomorrow? We believe TODAY is just as important, maybe even more so. We don’t lose sight of this when we help you design your game plan.

This is why our approach is different. This is a MACRO (big picture) approach instead of a MICRO (small picture) approach to building your lifetime financial game plan. Investment banking firms (Wall St.), traditional banks and financial institutions spend enormous sums of money trying to convince you to play the game their way. They hire slick advertising firms who send you powerful messages designed to get you to believe their way works best. We believe, especially in today’s economic climate, what we offer can open your eyes to whole new way of viewing how you implement your financial game plan.

Your Coach

Work with us as your coach! We’ll teach you several plays and work WITH you to execute your game plan and work with you every step of the way! Check out our team page to learn more about us!