Whenever I’m a little down about anything, I can always count on my buddy, Riley, to pick me up.

Here he is wearing his life vest while out on our boat on the Great Sacandaga.  Riley’s a 10 year old Lhasa Apso who still acts like a puppy when it comes to running and jumping and having fun.

He also doesn’t like other animals invading his territory on TV. He goes a little crazy when he sees another dog in a TV show or especially a commercial!  It’s hysterical…most of the time, except when we’re trying to relax and the Beggin’ Strips commercial comes on. Then it’s chaos!

When I walk in the door at night after a long day, he runs around the house hoping I’ll chase him and play with him for a few minutes before I turn my attention to my beautiful wife, Michelle. He’s named Riley because he’s got “the life of Riley!” We love him to death!!!

Riley’s corner is where we’ll post some fun comments from a dog’s perspective…like

Riley says, “Just bury your bones right now, things are a little ruff”…